Honey Stewed Squid ~ Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Throughout the night, she was entirely immersed in a state of depression. The mood within the room was dreadful. The most frightening thing is, she invited him again, but he didn’t accept it ….. He didn’t accept her invitation …. He will not accept her invitation….

So, she tosses and turns in bed until 3 am in the morning, until she could not bear it anymore. She suddenly sits up in the dark.

Certainly, the character I selected is the problem.

That character is too ugly!

Yes, it must be.

Hence, she quietly opened her computer. In order to prevent her mom and dad to see the light coming from her room, she took the blanket from her bed. Using her computer monitor, she puts up a small tent, and went inside. She rapidly boots up her computer, and opens the desktop shortcut, and enters the game .… eh? Account password? She once again fumbles on her desk for a long time until finally she finds it under the keyboard. She cautiously and solemnly keys in the password.

A few hours ago, she was diligent and not slacking at all, she sent seven to eight invitations … but they were still all rejected.

Although her heart is still lacking in confidence, letter by letter she types in his name.

And then, enter.


He’s not going to sleep? Like this at what cost?

No wonder Dou Nai said, he is a master on the server…his account is in the top ranks eh, what is top rank … forgot to ask. (1)

In short, when you hear ‘master’, right away you think of a greatly respected generation master, very eye catching indeed.

Poor her, facing this kind of game but still not knowing the concept. She doesn’t have any concept about what this game is doing, but has already learned how to skillfully invite people to battle T_T.


He did not reject immediately?

Suddenly, a message box popped out: “He has accepted the invitation, please wait patiently for the system to randomly select people.”

He accepted!

Wait a minute! She immediately sent out a private message: Can I be on the same team as you? We can not be enemies, okay?

There is no reply.


The game system begins to load, and they begin to select characters. This time, she does not dare to pick randomly again from more than 100 hundred characters. She carefully and cautiously rummages through the characters to see if there are any cute and adorable characters. One where you would take one look and wouldn’t be able to bear kill? Very quickly, she found a Lolita like character, even more she is riding…a big cat?

So adorable, and cute. I’ll pick you.

Following the sound of a swift lightning, the game turned full screen. She rapidly swept a quick glimpse of everything in front of her! Last night, his character was different. His character selection this time…ah, is a demon kind, even more handsome.

She quietly, moved over two steps towards his side. Seeing that he has no reaction, she took another two steps.

Finally, and simply daringly, she moved to his side.

Eh? He did not avoid? Then that means he does not dislike it? Tong Nian is dazed within her blanket. With one hand she rubs the screen of her monitor because a fog of mist begins to cover her screen, as she foolishly laughs.

Happy for not even a few seconds, everyone has already purchase equipment. One after another they departed the base. In total, there are three roads. Appearing to not have any hesitation at all, following the middle road, he went all the way down.

Tong Nian on her animal immediately ran after him.

Middle road people, isn’t this…acknowledged common sense…

On the public screen, a teammate is faint:

“The dude riding the big cat, are you crazy?”

“Fuck, this week to run into two hackers, probably there will not come another one right?”

“In the middle of the night at 3 AM, hacker thief do you not sleep??!! Laozi (2) ranking spot, Laozi accumulated points ah!”


Tong Nian is confused. Riding the big cat, standing behind, not knowing what she did wrong.

Didn’t we spawn from one place? Aren’t we teammates? Why can’t we follow our teammates? Can’t we mutually assist each other?

“You and I are in the same team right? Why can’t I follow you?” She finally… had courage to inquire the person in front of her.


He replied to me!! He really replied to me!

Tong Nian momentarily forgot her suspicions. Happily riding the big cat, she ran in circles around him: “Hello, hello, I am little squid. This is my first time playing this game. Really! Really! So excited, covering my face, not sure what to say. I will strive to learn! By all means please do not ignore me!


She completely forgot, she is using the group master’s account of this server…

And on China’s Stairway to Heaven (3) ranking number ninety-seven…

And so in such a way, she uses the character which is ranking ninety seven in China’s entire twenty-four servers, with more than three million players, she asks: I use Q, W, E, R and A, S, D, F to attack right? I read the directions on the official website, and also practiced on the computer several times ~”

Hence, three second later, on the public group chat appears a line of words.

He isn’t hacked, but stolen by a child. Everybody, look out for yourselves.

Everyone is speechless.

In this case, this means, they not only lose their team’s fighting strength, but they also have to protect this child, to prevent her from being killed by the enemy. To be killed one time, means giving the enemy one hundred gold coins ah…we’re finished. We can only pretend to be Buddha now.

Fortunately, this team still has another stable top ten professional from the Stairway to Heaven ranking.

“Do you see the bush on the left side?” He suddenly asks.

“Yes! I see it very clearly! My monitor is especially good. I guarantee no lag!”


After three seconds: “Go into it, until the game ends.”


**the ‘boss’ (main character) is speaking**

Yawning, he rolls over on the couch, exhausted. He took a quick glance and sees the closed computer: “Boss, can you register a new account to play? Why do you always use mine to satisfy your craving?”

“What do you think?” Both eyes too lazy to open, “If I do not help you win a few times, very soon, you will fall out of the top ten ranking on the Stairway to Heaven.”

This is clearly questioning my capability.

“Really? You do not want to register to play?” Premature undisciplined habits will poison you, Boss. He exercised his whole body automatically to filter out his taunt skills. (4)

“What? You really want me to register?” He conveniently pushed the keyboard into the computer desk, and stands up.

“I want. I still haven’t fought with you on a ranking match. Not very willing to ah?” In a dead earnest desire, he puts on his frameless eyeglasses. He stretches his muscles and bones. Just when he barely got up from the couch, a very large and heavy file went flying towards his face.

“I want to register. It’s none of your business anymore. Go, make them fill those out.  Give it to the leader, to get the Visa.”


1. Referring to rankings within a game
2. Laozi – I, your father. A way of referring to yourself as a superior out of anger.
3. Ranking title
4. He meant he is used to his mean way of talking

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  1. 😂😂😂😂😂😂 I died this chapter! WAY TOO FUNNY. The whole game interactions gave off the massive definition of NOOB. Love this novel already!


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