Honey Stewed Squid ~ Chapter 5

Surprise Surpise! Sorry I haven’t post in a while.  Been a bit busy.. I hope everybody had a great weekend!

In this chapter, we get to see Tong Nian making a fool of herself yet again … it was fun translating this chapter.  Being a gamer myself, I can only shake my head at all the things she is doing.  For other gamers out there.. doesn’t this seem a lot like LOL (League Of Legends)??

Btw.. I try to translate as close of possible to the literal text.  Some of the meaning does get lost.. but if there is anything you don’t understand or have a question about, please let me know!


Chapter 5

In that whole situation.

Tong Nian and the monitor was both inside the blanket together. She obediently gazes at the screen, did not dare to move the mouse……

Six o’ clock in the morning, Dou Nai is awakened by her phone call. He listens to her excited tone as if she was proposed to…

“……So, you really played games with him?” Dou Nai yawned…

“Mm!” Tong Nian’s young heart is already overflowing limitlessly. Holding the phone, she recalls it back. Even now, she still finds it embarrassing. “He also especially protected me……did not let me go out from the bushes…… tell me, how can there be such a good person, who has such a great chivalry mind……”

“……” Unexpectedly Dou Nai have no words in reply.

Although, he is also bad in gaming, but nevertheless he still has this basic concept. This game relies precisely on incessant murders and incessant moneymaking. You need to have the ability to buy equipment, and the ability to win.

Thus, clearly he is ignoring your bad gaming skills, my big ** …….

“And he kept protecting me. This isn’t good right?” Tong Nian consciously and instinctively self-criticize herself all of a sudden, “I still have to learn some skills. Help him, and let him think that I am not a burden!”

“……Mm, yes……Mm……It is said that this game has a support position.”

“Support position?”

“It is……It is to help people out.” Dou Nai also do not know if it is correct or not, blurting out without thinking..

“Really? Add HP? Add MP? “Tong Nian only listened to her other good friends that plays online games occasionally bring it up…

“More or less-ba,” Dou Nai made en sound, “Probably more or less.  Go look at the strategy guide.”


So she hangs up the ‘pink bubbly feeling’ phone call. (1)

She starts preparing right away for today’s game playing schedule.

In the afternoon, not here?

Okay, I’ll wait for the evening……he is still not here?

Ah, okay, I’ll wait for midnight……

She takes advantage of this opportunity, and she goes online to research her own big cat that she rides. Unexpectedly, there is more than eight attacks. Furthermore, there are various kinds of supporting skills-ah …… She takes a notebook, records down every function seriously, as well as various people’s suggestion on the forum.  A little bit of everything, she copies several pages.

She instantly puts down her pen. Kind of having a courageous bold frame of mood.

So hardworking, not even one week, she can absolutely become top ranking!


3 am at night, the alarm clock next to her pillow suddenly rings telling her to wake up.

She suddenly sits up, and in a furry, she turns off the alarm clock.  Holding on to her blanket, she crawls to her computer. Skillfully, she covers herself and everything else altogether. She turns on the computer, logs into the game, and start searching …… he is there!

Furthermore, her invitation was accepted unexpectedly without a hitch.

Like a routine, she easily enters into the character selection screen.  She finds her saddled big cat character.  Somewhat nervous and excited, she waits for the remaining nine people to select their characters. Suddenly, the system prompts: “A well-known player quits, please wait for a new player to join.”

Eh? What happened?

A new player fills up the slot.

The game screen turns on.

Tong Nian impatiently looks around, finds out he is right next to her. Suddenly, under thousands of staring eyes, his whole body was surrounded by a red ring of light, and disappears in a second.


Numerous teammates started to laugh on their sides.

What happened, the system? The game still hasn’t begun and already healing??

Not right, not right……This is not a RPG online game ah, this is a Ni Ma (2) skill competition game ah. Why do we need to add HP……At this early stage, people bring their healing potion ah. Later stages in the game, who cares if they don’t have enough HP or not, everybody just kill kill kill ah!

Tong Nian is content. Once her skill is done cooling down, she throws another healing skill on him..


The most miserable thing is ……

“Handsome? Handsome? Offline?”

“Fuck (3), I waited with great difficulty for him to get online……”


In the darkness, he picks up a towel and walks over. The tips of his hair still dripping with water, falls on his shoulders, and then conveniently flows down. Because he had just finished bathing, and randomly put on a pair of jeans, he still hasn’t fastened his buttons properly.

Furthermore, he still hasn’t worn any clothes on his upper body.

“What the heck?” He finds his character being added HP.  He looks up and glances at the screen..

Isn’t this the child from yesterday? How come she still came? I barely even noticed..

Should I quit? But, the accumulated points will drop too much.

Maybe not quit?

Yesterday, because everyone knew there was a child who didn’t know how to play the game, they nearly lost the match. Actually he alone, can be considered equivalent to two top players. But, “resistance to pressure” this kind of thing is very difficult to possess. Knowing perfectly well there is a lack of one fighting strength, or opposing expert, it is hard to avoid the possibility of having a psychological burden.

So troublesome……

He casually brushes his hair.  That short black hair being wiped is still dripping wet, and messily hanging down in front of his forehead. It seems, the pitch black pupil suddenly has a beam of light. Suddenly becoming more……interesting…

He unconsciously licks his lower lip with the tip of his tongue.

Not bad to have a trouble maker, four against five is very exciting, isn’t it?


Thus, in the game, everyone just looks on as he goes in the same direction toward the middle road. And that one saddled big cat riding at once cheerfully and lightheartedly followed closely behind him.  Every five seconds, toward the full HP character she throws a healing spell……

Meanwhile, in the teammate channel:

“My family’s child, I will bear the responsibility. Everyone take care of yourself…”


Tong Nian could not bear, two paws both cupped her face.

Noiselessly ah ah ah ah for almost three seconds.

Until it disappears from the top of the screen. Only thing left is her heart that is thumping and leaping. She hurriedly rides the big cat to catch up rapidly..

He said “my family’s child”! My family ……My family

I am his family’s……


I will most certainly and properly add HP for you…

In the channel, the teammates feels at ease.

As it turns out, he is taking along his own people to play? Then it doesn’t matter. He is someone’s guarantor, then they certainly will not lose..

YaMeiDie: Haha, that’s ok, handsome. It is your people then I understand… (5)

C: Please accept this lowly person’s bow! Joining K & K is my lifetime’s dream!

YiKaTong: Boss, 3 am at night not going to sleep, playing game and bearing another character. Are you playing with a girl? Hahaha.


Tong Nian’s face is flushed. Being mocked by them, she feels embarrassed.

Since everyone is all talking, I ought to also say a few words right?

Hence, a few seconds later, they see on the public screen “My family’s child” says:

ShuaiDeYiB: (>^ω^<) Meow, I am Small Cuttlefish, please take care of me…

YaMeiDie: ……


Yikatong : ……Hehehehe, hello – ah……

Tong Nian at a loss. To say hi like this was it not right?

She rides a big cat, closely following: “Is it because my name is not cute? They don’t seem too enthusiastic?”


“……Then, should I once again reregister a cuter username? Can you wait for me? Just ten minutes!”



He interrupted her: “Add HP. Do not stop.”

“Oh, Oh, Yes, Yes! Guaranteed mission accomplish! ”

She immediately rigorously waits.  Her eyes unblinkingly staring at the screen. As long as the healing spell cools down, she immediately throws it onto him. Consequently……the whole duration, the nine people continuously watch the body filled with blood, ceaselessly, ceaselessly a brave action of a spiral red light……


Handsome……he has a good interest……


(1) Pink bubbly feeling: just think of it like an anime.  She was talking to Dou Nai in a dreamlike state because she is very happy.  Thus the pink bubble background that usually appears in the background of an anime.

(2) Ni Ma: homophonic characters which means ‘your mother’.  But it really means: Come on! God! Jesus! Really?

(3) 麻了个鸡, MaLeGeJi: is another curse word.  I’ve tried to search for what it means directly… but I couldn’t find anything.  Please me know what it truly means… Thanks!

(4) ying-ying: crying sound of joy

(5) YaMeiDie, C, Yikatong, ShuaiDeYiB: all usernames within the game…

13 thoughts on “Honey Stewed Squid ~ Chapter 5

  1. Thank you. Yea, this one start out differently than one alluring smile because the girl falls first. Can’t wait to see where the novel goes.


  2. As a game content creatures’ viewer, I don’t know what should I do. I laugh but I want to cry in the same time. This is crazy! Hahaha!


  3. This is like telling a child to put all their toys into a box, then telling them to take the toys out only to be told to put the toys back into the box just to occupy the child XD


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