Bloom ~ Chapter 6

Chapter 6: How Long? Li Yan returned to the general headquarters. The day is already very dark. In front of the window stands a man.  Half of his face hidden in the moonlight he was silent for a long time. Just when Li Yan though he will not ask him anything, he turns around and […]

Bloom ~ Chapter 5

Chapter 5: That person Li Yan grabs the golden hair and with one fist, he strikes him down.  Sensing the enmity within his expression, they simply figured a small matter like this does not required a large effort (1), but surprisingly they still want to dispatch like an aircraft carrier. (1) sha ji yong niu […]

Bloom ~ Chapter 4

A bit of warning… this novel is R rated… >_<” Chapter 4: The Beginning It was already broad daylight when she awoke. Right in the middle of putting forth his energy towards the morning exercise, the man passionately kisses, “Awake? Then…let’s make up for yesterday?” Her body had just recently woken up because he started […]