Honey Stewed Squid ~ Chapter 11

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Chapter 11


Even if he was slowly hearing it out again, and his tone although still polite, but clearly you can tell he is not happy. Certainly he does not like other people to peep at his ID card. He does not like girls that chase to his front door*, particularly……chasing inside the hotel to the very end.

*Note: Chasing to the front door phrase means to be too forward and all up in your business.

TN: Lol this girl takes chasing after a guy to a whole other level. She chased him from the airport to the hotel.

The past few days, she fell in love struck by Cupid’s arrow, and now he is standing in front her. And to personally, and impatiently geologically asking her “What do you like about me.” The unspoken words in play doesn’t it precisely imply “do not like me, I have no interest towards you?”

She bit her lip, and after a while in the end she uttered: “Sorry, I……I didn’t mean to deliberately follow you. I just merely saw you at the airport.  You and these people wearing sportswear attire, especially a nice surprise……I asked my friend, she said there was a gaming competition here. So I just came and see, whether or not you really were in the competition……”

I……just wanted to know your age, work, life, and what you like to do.

Wanted to let you in the most nonchalant circumstance to recognize me, know me, remember me……

Wanted to let you see my very best side, and let you fall in love with me……

Instead of……

Now in this way.

“Your name, is in the internet café’s record……I did not intentionally look. Also stomach hemorrhaging, I suddenly heard a staff member mention it, and believed it was you. I was worried, so I just wanted to come and take a glance……just to take a quick look to see whether or not there was really something wrong. I did not want to disturb you.”

But, afterwards unable to make head or tails of it, I was already brought here by a boy into the conference room.


She lowered her head, with all her might told herself, Tong Nian you must by all mean stop losing your face*.

*Note: To lose face means to be humiliated/suffer a loss of respect.

Must finish speaking and then leave at once.

You must by all means not hesitate……

Hearing the young girl not in a suitable mood, he droop his eyes, and went to see her.

Was I too straightforward? Seems like I scared the young girl once again?

The cellphone’s noise, broke the moment of peaceful silence.

Then, it continued to ring, nobody moved.

Still feeling a sense of loss, her mind still a mess, she raised her head to remind him: “Your cellphone……”

A meaningful glance slanted, to hint at her knapsack direction, that it is her cellphone.

What’s the situation?


Oh no, the interview……

Tong Nian suddenly woken up, hurriedly looked at him.  Once again she frenetically looked all around.

Here? Or the hallway?

Here……is so awkward.

But the hallway……wouldn’t it be even more awkward?

Finally, could only brace herself to, in a low voice ask: “Can I use your bathroom? I have a very anxious phone call.”

As if not minding, he pointed to the place: “There.”

This executive suite arrangement was somewhat strange. The bathroom door was position beside the double bed, very concealed.

She relaxed her manner of expression, and followed his finger. She ran a few steps going in. She backhandedly closed the door, and quietly clears her throat. She then fished out the cell phone in the knapsack, and placed it at the side of her ear.

A very clear, very enthusiastic voice immediately transmitted over: “Hello? How are you? Excuse me, may I ask if this is squid highness?”

“Mm, it’s me.” As much as possible she try to regain stability with her own voice.

“Ah, very good, squid your highness! I am your fangirl, covering face, please allow me the host be starry-eyed infatuated for a minute. Your highness, my high school precisely depended on your cover song to enrich our blood, and have the ability to trample over those examination papers!”

*Note: High school in china is a really busy time for students because they have a lot of pre-examination papers.

“Ah, really.” Coming across a passionate fan, she just didn’t know what to say.

As a result……over time she just mistakenly transmitted a cold, noble, elegant demeanor……

“Ahem, well, conducting as today’s program host, I demand to reinstate my own identity as a host. All of you listener, friends, hello. Today our anime and manga channel directly connected online is extremely popular. There is more than hundreds and thousands of fans on Weibo*, Bilibili’s page views broke through millions on the anime and manga singer ⎯ Chamber into the Fish. Of course, fans like to nickname her as Your Highness, please would everyone loudly call out to, Squid Highness.”

*Note: Weibo is a Chinese microblogging website which is akin to a hybrid of Twitter and Facebook. It is one of the most popular sites in China. Bilibili is a website for anime watchers and subtitle translators to comment.

“Everyone hello, here is small cuttlefish, tonight please treat me kindly. Please don’t call me your highness, just small cuttlefish is good.”

“Ah, our highness unexpectedly is acting cute. Your Highness, our online internet users in confession, want to ask Your Highness can you act moe*?”

*Note: Moe is a Japanese slang word which refers to feelings of strong affection mainly towards characters in anime, manga, and video games.

Act cute?? ……

Her back leaning against the door, looking at the shower room in front of her. Clearly it is still foggy. Evidently he had just used the shower.

Behind separated by a door, was exactly him.

This……how to act cute ah……

The host can’t hear any sound, and promptly understanding: “Ah Ah Ah Ah, Your Highness still cold and elegant as before ah, well, let’s begin today’s interview.”



Twenty minute interview, was well set a week ago, just didn’t expect……

It would be in such an awkward place.

Because of fearing the people outside the door might hear too much gibberish words, she as much as possible cut down each number of words in her replies. The most common usage was exactly “Ah, yes.” “Oh, not bad.” “Really?” ……

Hanging up the phone, she had already broken out in sweat all over.

Placing the cell phone into her outer garment, touching her face, still burning, too nervous.

Behind her body was precisely the door.

Near the door was a ten-meter long marble platform, on top of the platform was towels and towels that had already been used.

Separated by a sliding door, exactly was him.

She called to mind the scene just a moment ago. Somewhat not daring to come out once more, she stood in the bathroom at a loss, not knowing what to do. Let it be, just like this with her head down, she will directly open the door to walk out, at most……to say goodbye……

She made a firm resolution, hand located at armrest on top, firmly thinking to open, but hears a sound knocking on the door.

On reflex, she withdrew her hand.

“Are you okay?” His voice asked.

“I’m okay……” She answered.

“Good, then open the door.”

“Oh.” She once again held out a hand, slowly opening the door.

Continuing to bow her head, she looked in front to see one pair of black sports shoes……

“Are you hungry?”

“Mm?” She blankly, raised her head.

“Go have a meal.”

“Ah?” She looked after him.

In simple terms explained: “After 8:00PM is the club training period, also after 20 minutes there will be no more food.”

Since this unexpected mishap was somewhat related with him, and considering this to be his act-before-thinking-accident young girl who he brought to an unfamiliar hotel. Nevertheless he bears the responsibility. Business transactions that fail can still be kept as a friendly relationship. Nevertheless he should let the child to eat her fill, and then let the driver send her off.

“Oh……” She held on to her knapsack, slowly thinking at half a beat, not……demanding me to leave?

Putting on a coat, placing the cell phone and room card into his coat pocket, he opened the door, hinting at Tong Nian to go out first. Tong Nian passed by his side, somewhat not herself she stopped.

Not right, why should we be having a meal together?


“What’s your name?” Still believing the young girl’s natural disposition just walks more slowly, lightly nudged her backpack, soon after to go as well, backhandedly closed the door.

“Tong Nian……”

He nodded, meaning is, to remember.

He walked in front advancing to the elevator. Then quite rapidly from his pocket finding a fruit candy, peeled open to throw into his mouth. His hand suddenly paused, looking at the Tong Nian following their walk into the elevator: “Want to eat?”



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