Bloom ~ Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Not her

Liang Fei Fan street raced all the way to “Fei”.

The time was still early, the disheveled hair manager hurried over frighten and hesitated. Big boss usually does not permit girls drinking close to him even during social events, but all of a sudden, where do you go to find one that fit his taste.

One that will fit his taste? – – then she should be like that one right?

Thus Liang Fei Fan at his penthouse suite saw a girl, who fifty percent look like the girl that he extremely wanted to choke to death just a moment ago.

Unexpectedly, also called Xiao Yan.

Liang Fei Fan clutches the armrest of his chair, his cold and stern lips smooths into a line. With an ‘I want to eat people’ gaze he watches attentively at the weak and delicate girl.

Xiao Yan softly trembles. It is not her first time seeing the boss.  Usually during the day, he is tall and handsome as if he was God.  Although he is always cold, she have also never seen the expression that he has on now. The look that seems to want to kill people.

She is just a young girl.  This kind of expression only persisted a few minutes. The girl unable to bear it any longer, started to cry.

The silence is broken. Liang Fei Fan’s hatred also release a little. After all it wasn’t her, what is he doing.

“Shut up.” Liang Fei Fan coldly said two words. Exhausted, he massage his temples, got up and stood in front of the French windows.

Although Xiao Yan is the 17th floor building girl, keeping her virginity for the big clients, but she has also received training for a long time.  Stopping her tears, she approaches the boss, and helps him massage his head.

Liang Fei Fan frowns, and waves to stop.

The girl stops in a daze, and timidly retreated. The room was quiet once again.

A sleepless night, Liang Fei Fan falls asleep in this silence. From behind a warm breeze arrives. A girl’s soft body sticks strictly tightly close to him. He was unaware of when she had taken off her clothes. Her trembling small hands although somewhat shaky, but was still accurately able to grip onto Liang Fei Fan’s desire. According to her usual learning, it goes up and down gently.

Xiao Yan slowly slides down her hands and continues to massage without stopping. The small body from between Liang Fei Fan’s two leg arches over, and then slowly following his legs it slowly climbs upwards and soft like a boneless snake. Simultaneously, the small skillful clever hand’s one push one pull, and his swelling desire releases out from inside his briefs.

His desire erected even higher after it is exposed to air. Xiao Yan face’s goes up. Extending a small and exquisite tongue out back and forth nimbly licking. After licking up and down, she opens up her small mouth to readily suck. Passionately and ferociously swallowing more than half the root, reaching the peak squeezing the neck.  Liang Fei Fan continuously gasp for breath. Her warm mouth and the sweet uvula inside continuously seduce and entice him with the friction. The girl cannot help to swallow, and he had nearly released himself.

Enduring this spell of unbearable numbing, he looks at the girl kneeling between his crotch. The delicate scarlet naked butt was raised up, and the clear and attractive face was still with teardrops. Her two checks deeply sunken in because of sucking his hard desire.  Pure yet full of temptations, the long black hair along with the head’s movement on her back, makes people want to grab it at once. Pressing on her small head he exerts himself physically into her warm mouth.

“Let go”, a calm male voice.

Xiao Yan was in a daze. The desire in her mouth was still hard as if iron, still faintly throbbing. The top of his desire reaching her throat also secreted out the male liquid excitedly.


After all she is still a virgin, the face cannot help but turn red. However she has received training, to know at this moment what she should do. At first, she supported his bulky hands and moves towards her own breast, massaging. With her mouth, she exerts herself physically taking it in and out simultaneously and moaning in a flattering voice, “En……en……so comfortable……en….so…….so tasty……still want……”

Because of sucking too excessively, the thick and aching lower jaw by a forceful hand was pinched to a halt. The knuckles evidently, and vigorously kneading her till she ache. Her mouth cannot help but to open up even bigger. The desire in her mouth withdraws out. Liang Fei Fan from his table top pulled out several papers, creasing his eyebrows wiping away the bright liquid on top of the desire.

Later, he needs to properly commend the 17th floor building training personnel. He appears to be used to this atmosphere, but also can’t help to say that the girl’s technique is indeed first class. Merely a blow job that was enough to make people go crazy.

Just that – – it is not her. At that time after Gu Yan, and for a very long time he believed this lifetime he will have to live with his own hands. Not for other reason, just feel that it is not her. Not her, so he don’t want.

The girl shakes quietly while Liang Fei Fan tidy up his clothes, “Mr. Liang……”

“None of your business. Rest assure”, He said calmly and indifferent.

The girl is still sad, and starts to whimper and cry.

Qin Song enraged, skyrocketed opening the door and went in. At once he sees a scarlet girl naked from head to toe weeping and the man who should have eaten his fill yet still frowning.

“What is it?”

Qing Song narrows his eyes sizing up the girl on the ground. Not passive, very good. In a brisk tone, “The Gu Family sent vehicles to take sister Yan away.

“Okay, I got it.”

“It is said that…… Lao ye (elderly male) personally said this command. Ming Zhu sister went to another city business trip…”

“Damn, why didn’t you say so earlier!”

Liang Fei Fan’s face suddenly changed, regardless of his image, he darted away.

Qin Song suffers a kick. Painfully lying on the ground rubbing. Slowly to find out, the place he had fallen is not the right place. The lamb like scarlet naked girl meets his eyes at once……

“Hey, hey, hey. You are not allowed to cry!”

Clearly, those words had the opposite reaction.


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