Bloom ~ Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Turn Around

Gu Yan is very excited. Her father hasn’t seen her for a very long time. She doesn’t know why, but suddenly he had sent someone to pick her up back home.


Gu Bo Yun looks up from thinking about the memories of the past. He sees his small daughter’s hand supported by the side of the door, and her glittering pair of eyes. For a moment, her sweet smile lets him consideringly think that more than 20 years ago, that white clothed, black hair girl seemed to overcome a time of life and death before appearing in front of him.

He sighs, and smiles, “sit.”

Gu Yan cutely sits on the sofa, “Where is sister?”

“She is always running around tending to stuff.”

Gu Bo Yun appears to be somewhat tired, “I heard, Fang Yi Cheng came back?”

To mention Fang Yi Cheng inside this house made Gu Yan somewhat not knowing what to do, “En.”

“Yan-er, you……go with him.” Gu Bo Yun contemplated for a very long time, and finally said it long and drawn out.

“Father……”, Gu Yan lowly calls. She didn’t think her father would look for her because of Fang Yi Cheng. Furthermore, she would never expect her father would unexpected say this. Although, there is nothing to forgive or not forgive to speak of, but, he truly doesn’t blame Fang Yi Cheng?

Gu Bo Yun stands in front of the window with his back facing his daughter, “I thought for so many years. In the end, these are all my fault.  In this lifetime, I have already let down your mother. I hope, you will live an easier life.”

The tears appear in her eyes. The memories of her younger times, once mentioned, she felt heartbroken to the point of breaking. She leaves with Fang Yi Cheng, then……what about him? Will he live easier? –But, I’m fine right now.

Gu Yan’s tears start to come out, sliding down her delicate young face, “Father, Fang Yi Cheng and I, will never have any more interactions. Aunty Ruan……I made a mistake. A mistake is a mistake. Then again, I am fine now.”

“Last night, I dreamed about your mother.” Gu Bo Yun’s face showing a rare bit of tenderness, as if even this way of recalling that woman is a blessing, “She blames me.  She said I did not properly take care of you.”

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“I woke up in the middle of the night, unable to sleep anymore. I thought about all these years, and how I didn’t properly take care the people at my side.  Ming Zhu, all day long, she is trying to make a living like a boy, and you……” C city’s generation ambitious and ruthless Gu Bo Yun, unexpectedly choke with emotion, “Xiao (little) Yan, I am a bit stubborn. These past years, I have wronged you.”

Gu Yan’s tear gushes out. Ever since Aunty Ruan left, father has never with a harmoniously voice talk with me like this

The touching scene was interrupted by the housekeeper. Calmly creasing his eyebrows, “Lao Ye, Mr. Xiao Liang came. He said he wants to come up.”

Wants to come up? What does he mean! Gu Bo Yun glimpses at his daughter, and sighs. He was not prepared to argue with that youngster, “Yan-er, why don’t you go down. Carefully think about the words I’ve said.”

Gu Yan shakes her head, “Father, I am here to spend time with you today.” She does not want to think about that unfathomable mysterious man.

Gu Bo Yun smiles, there is a rock to every scissor (idiom: every item has a weakness). Brother Tian, that guy’s arrogant son. Only my small daughter has the ability to subdue him.

“Go back okay. Father is tired. Perhaps another day .”

Gu Yan bites her lips, and went out.

Both of Liang Fei Fan’s hands were inserted in his pocket. He was waiting on top of the stairs with a face of anxiousness. Unable to remain calm and really wanting to rush up, he sees Gu Yan come down very slowly.

He advances a step and block, “What happened?” Damn it, he made her cry!

Gu Yan rubs away her tears and glimpse across at him. She pushed him away and continue to walk out.

The cold war followed.

Liang Fei Fan the same as he used to be already forgot he was the one that was supposed to be angry.  These days were like a mission. He went up the mountain and to the sea almost wanting to pick up the moon to win the beauty’s smile. However, the beauty didn’t accept any of his fawning, and just cold like ice, she ignores people.

Xiao Li and Chen Yu Bai who have reconciled, turned around to become the peacemaker, “Big Brother, look. First, put forth a bit of sincerity. Our Xiao Yan’s heart is the softest. Punish yourself with alcohol, apologize, then she will not be angry.” Xiao Li all smiles, delivers over a big pitcher of strong alcoholic drink.

Liang Fei Fan puts down the glass of red wine in his hand. Eyebrow raised, he glanced at Gu Yan.

©2016. MyTearsAreDry and Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this site’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited.  If you are not reading this translation on then this was taken without any permission from the translator.

Gu Yan gracefully stirs her cup of milkshake while her eyes see nose, nose see heart, calm and collected.

Liang Fei Fan softly sighs. He picks up the drink, and within one round of cheers, he drank it dry and clean.

“Xiao Li, is this you helping big brother coax sister Yan, or taking revenge for your man?” Li Wei Ran carrying his shoulder in disapproval. Who doesn’t know third brother’s family is the most protective of families and friends. Chen Yu Bai’s bruise on his face still brilliantly sparkles. Rather, how can she possibly begin to help big brother. Seizing the opportunity to take revenge is more like it.

Everyone started roaring in laughter. Xiao Li annoyed, chased after Li Wei Ran running everywhere.

Liang Fei Fan in the middle of the laughter gazes at Gu Yan. After all, he was not that kind of person who would not be drunk even drinking a thousand cups of alcohol. His head feeling a little faint, and only after looking at her eyes did he feel a bit better.

Gu Yan sees his eyes shiny and distracted, and keeping watch over her, at once knows he drank almost enough. Damn that Xiao Li, I will remember this!

Ji Nan stood at the side and observed with indifference for a very long time. At this moment, she went to Liang Fei Fan’s side. Slightly opening her mouth to talk, “Brother, I’ll help you.”

Liang Fei Fan doesn’t look at her, and coldly snorted. He was not drunk to that point. What Ji Nan was thinking about he knows very well.

Ji Nan don’t dare to speak. Only quietly wait at the side not moving.

After a long time, Liang Fei Fan turned around going back to the sofa taking a seat. Coldly throwing out a sentence, “The next time you end up in my hands again, I will not give you the opportunity to beg me.”

Ji Nan nearly let her tears out.

Disturbed till the middle of the night, everybody went back home.

Liang Fei Fan searched the audience, the people disappear except Ji Nan and her, and also sixth brother.

The side door leading to the 17th floor/building opened with a “bang” knocking against the wall. Everyone looked toward that direction. Gu Yan came in, seemingly calm. Her appearance seems to have an expression of a brewing storm.

Outside the door in the hallway there seems to be a faint sixth brother’s howl and a girl’s sound of weeping. Ji Nan leisurely came in after. She closed the door, gave everybody a smile. Soon after, she ducked walking to one side.

Gu Yan tidied up her skirt, walked up to Liang Fei Fan’s side and smiled sweetly. In one breathe of sound, she softly talks, “Fei Fan, let’s go back. I’m so tired.”

Everybody looked at this scene in disbelief. That fourth sis has great techniques. This time big brother will heavily reward us.

Xiao Li still tilts her head laughing. Obviously, this is the calm before the storm. What do these group of guys know……someone is going to have bad luck.

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