Honey Stewed Squid ~ Chapter 12

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Chapter 12

How can he……also be a fruit candy enthusiast?

“Don’t like this flavor?” As much as possible to maintain patience, from his interior pocket, once again appears several small candies red, green, yellow, orange……located on his palm.

Then, taking advantage of time during the meal time to specially return to the room to take a thicker piece of clothing and preparing to go to the restaurant again to eat more slices of cake. The 16-year-old young team member, just like this……caught up with the elevator, to see at last the prince of devils lower his head and in the hollow of the palm stood five or six multicolored candies, using a kind of face resembling he was coaxing a child expression facing the young sister-in-law.

Young sister-in-law also facing conscientiously……at selecting the flavor?!

“Just this one is okay.” Tong Nian held a green one, bowing her head with her face somewhat red.

Fuck……will I be killed to be silenced……

The young team member’s leg somewhat soft: “L-Leader.”

“What?” with no emotional voice answered: “You want one too?”

“No!” The young team member in his heart placed both hands to surrender.

Leader’s eating candy time signifies “super extremely impatient, super worried, ” to this club this is already accepted as a kind of common sense. Do not tease, who would dares to eat?

Oh, no, sister-in-law dares to eat……

As a result after arriving at the restaurant, originally everybody who already tidied up to prepare to retreat, see the slowly arriving Tong Nian. Immediately have the same idea like communicating with each other thru their heart ……to sit down. Once in a blue moon, the prince of devils’ first time with a woman walking shoulder to shoulder, and? Wants to have a meal at the same table?

Even if, uh, it is sister-in-law right, still feel the extremely high energy scene.

Tong Nian holding a tray, stood in front of a row of cooked food, the fragrant spicy crab, uh, to eat up too unsightly, shrimp, uh, also unsightly to spit out the shell……Ultimately can only starve the stomach, reluctantly taking a piece of mango cake and cup of coffee……even chocolate cake she doesn’t dare to take, afraid to eat with mouth the chocolate sauce T.T……

She obediently returned, noiselessly sitting down, in silence put the tray on top of the table.

Taking a look at her dinner, not saying anything, raised her head, facing the table says: “Come over two of you.”


This is wanting to do what?

“Hurry up.” Not happy.

Not daring to tarry, rapidly took a cup of cola to set out, to go pull at the side of captain/team leader D’s arm, not able to pull……can only pull the small teammates who just recently sat down, and rode the same elevator to come down together to enter the restaurant to get up and take a seat with the Leader.

“Leader, “mockingly, “This late only eating now ah?” Delaying such a long time, he he he he……

Not feeling (like) replying, asked: “Ate enough yet?

“Full! Just waiting to train!”

“Full then keep me company, “a meaningful glance hinted a poverty-stricken sense of shaded Tong Nian, “Are you familiar with her?

“……” Wrongly accused ah……shivering.

Finished speaking, bows head to begin taciturnly stand up, he always loathes speaking during a meal, so he is always entirely by himself alone at one table, never in the past make an exception. Today suddenly breaking the conventions, and everyone is somewhat confused like this, not knowing what to say..

Moreover, you husband and wife team having a meal, We……(as) the outsiders what can we chat (about) ah?

Together face to face glanced (at each other).

And, begin ba (or use ok)……


“Sister-in-law?” interrupts, frowns.

“Oh, oh, “understanding tacitly (idiom), Leader certainly is afraid Sister-in-law feels embarrassed, “Don’t call, don’t call, that Sister-in-law’s name is?”


“Tong Nian.” Tong Nian bows head, using a spoon to dig into the cake.

“Oh, Oh, Tong sister-in-law, not Tong Nian, addressing your name directly is no problem right?” All smiling, “We were just now guessing, are you the cosplayer? These clothes and makeup……really quite resembles.”

She shakes (her) head: “I am the anime singer.”

Drinking a mouthful of beer, hand paused, not catching (as in what is spoken) even a single word..

Distracted, also didn’t understand.

“Ah……This I know, “Immediately smiling apologetically, “I previously had a classmate who is one too, I sometimes also like to listen, Sister-in-law do you have a screen name? Add on Weibo?”

“Mm, there is, Chamber Fish.” She covertly aims a glance, he……ought to not be repugnant with it right?

Frowning, this is for what?

:”Ah, This one……This one I know, Hunter X Hunter*!”

*Note: Hunter X Hunter is an anime.

She nods: “Mm, precisely Chrollo Lucilfer’s skill……”

*Note: Chrollo Lucilfer is a character in Hunter X Hunter


Already not wanting to continue listening, flips out a cellphone, begins to tidy up all his received messages..

“Shit……” exclaiming out loud.

Faintly taking a glance at him, the latter just now alerted to themselves during Leader’s eating dinner period exploded crudely (cursing/swearing), promptly giving in, but one pair of eyes nevertheless could not help persistently aim at Tong Nian. Not knowing what happened, strangely: “What’s going on?

Excitedly, hands over the cellphone at present.

“Shit……” also scared.

Both men’s luminous gazes look towards Tong Nian.

One long page of Baidu online encyclopedia……fans counted second only to the K&K club star team members, Weibo extensive V, cover song circle guru, famous anime singer.。

Facing towards the Leader eating dinner, didn’t have much of a sentence of nonsense (to say) at all.

Just obediently, eating a mouthful, peeping a half eye at Leader, peeping a half eye at Leader……

And our family’s Leader⎯

That eating by calm and collectiveness, not having even looking back entirely..

What calling the imperial wife has technique!! *(it’s like saying the husband can make the wife obedient)

Both men almost at once shake hands, starry eyes look face to face……

“Uh, that one, Sister-in-law.”

……Already not feeling like reopening her mouth to remind him.

Completely ignoring Leader: “That one……on Baidu see your major is bio-engineering and electronic info engineering? You……just attended university?” Tong Nian’s facial features really too young, also just……reached adulthood?

Just attended university? More or less right?

Furthermore……these two majors extremely……amazing right?

“On Baidu is……the double major’s undergraduate course, my web forum administrator has not replaced the old with the new,” She quite uneasily glancing downwardly: “Currently already graduate freshman .”

“Graduate freshman?” Not extremely daringly convinced, “This asking how early in university?”

“Fifteen years old.”

Fifteen years old?!

“Dang, I was sixteen, just in high school……” getting emotional..

“University……there is an underage class.”

Shit/wow……top student!

Both individuals obviously are keeping company to chat, promptly begin excitedly, encircling Ting Nian to question closely all kinds of questions, ultimately already arriving: “Sister-in-law, I all along wanted to hack a network station, can you take care of it?

Tong Nian being asked embarrassed, helplessly looks: “Technically ……not difficult, but, server invasion/hacking is illegal……”



Following her gaze looking past, just now finding already very impatient, immediately exercised restraint: “Then Sister-in-law definitely loves to play games?  Ordinarily LOL? DA? Or Chamber Storm?” Tong Nian silently, bows head taking the final bite of cake finish eating: “All don’t play too much, especially bad skills……”

Coding and gaming……completely are two kinds of things okay, tears running*……

*Note: This is slang meaning to get emotional. I translated it literally.

“Leader hasn’t brought you to play a game?” Shock.

He also thought it is dependent on his own legend in general professional experience to conquer Sister-in-law’s young girl’s heart, could it be that it’s not?!

“Never before.” She occupied with shaking her head to clarify.

Must by all means can’t say I and him played games before.

Otherwise……the misunderstanding (will be) even larger.

Thus the evening meal concluded later, K&K club at once began spreading open this one of a kind story:

How is he not using the game’s effective implementation circumstance to chase after a girl, using his own self’s personal charisma (?) Conquering the top student, cover song artist, and bad at playing game young girl Sister-in-law’s heart……

After dinner, taking Tong Nian to see off getting on to K&K’s work vehicle, she sits at the front passenger seat, heard telling the driver to handle her securely sending up to the hotel, somewhat nervous and uneasy. This considered to be saying goodbye to right?

He……ought to not dislike me right? Otherwise he too will not have a meal right?

She here searched her soul for the answer.

He there already warned repeatedly completely the driver, straightened to get up, patting the car door, hinting (the driver) may go…

Tong Nian reluctant to part from the car window gazing goes out.

Towards her nodding goodbye, turned body, taking out cellphone, to begin calling one individual meeting number.

“Let’s go?” The driver looking at the risen small young girl really is unexpectedly departing this place, even not having the heart to directly drive off.

Tong Nian feeling a sense of loss location nods, looking at his tall yet thin rear view.

Even……hasn’t said goodbye……

Waiting for the car to turn out to go out very distant, can’t see the hotel’s front door whatsoever landscape, she only then revokes her line of sight, lowers head, using her forefinger to lightly draw on her knees. Also don’t know next time still be able to see (him


She returned to organize the hotel room she herself determined, tidying up the stuff, sits on top of the bed in a daze spellbound, already not daring to carefully recall herself this afternoon’s super big unexpected mishap. Simply in her mind time and time again even is, his eating manner, his nodding to say goodbye, his turning around to leave……the reason why……he towards his own likes is what attitude……

Seems like…… hasn’t especially rejected?

Tong Nian in silence sits down a moment, suddenly roused, how could I forget how to search!

T.T Ever since that night began, IQ (intelligence quotient) entirely rapidly negative value.

K&K famous so much, even though he isn’t a  professional player……but how much is it personal information?

She continued to search for K&K.

Web page opened:

“K&K is a domestic famous eSports club, established in a year, barely using a one year period to just rapidly rise abruptly, to take part with SP standing side by side, to become one of the two largest top-notch eSports clubs.

The founder & the number one investor G (real name unknown), is a competing worldwide Hall of Fame member, who once was in those days the most famous battle group’s only investor and simultaneously the main force team member. Once holding a place surpassing the ten international champions, including many individual world rankings, the most dominant player, the best shooter, the best beginning killer, twice nominated for MVP……in the worldwide scope, he has several million fans and exclusive network website, has his fan brand named keyboard, brand named mouse, brand named computer accessory as well as chain Internet café.

He once, used his own success and gloriously changed the masses’ views, also simultaneously, by means of the legendary ordinary’s professional experience, witnessed eSports from the desolateness to the prosperous ten years.

And now, when the global eSports output value near a million US dollars, the eSports golden age time approaches, he again by means of the top-notch club founder’s status undertone returns.

Under a whole page in the founder’s introduction


is his picture.

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