Bloom ~ Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Not her Liang Fei Fan street raced all the way to “Fei”. The time was still early, the disheveled hair manager hurried over frighten and hesitated. Big boss usually does not permit girls drinking close to him even during social events, but all of a sudden, where do you go to find one […]

Honey Stewed Squid ~ Chapter 9

Chapter 9 Tong Nian was arranged to sit in the first row of bus. Still ignorant and slow, she did not know why she must go to the victory celebration. Sitting in the car was the captain, and other gaming teams or possibly two teams, and reserve players. While waiting for the bus to start, […]

Honey Stewed Squid ~ Chapter 8

Picture Note: Tong Nian would be thinking…could this situation be any more embarrassing than this? (The infamous not knowing whether to laugh or cry expression) Chapter 8 On one end, he was wearing his headphones still listening on the phone, and his beautiful eyes nevertheless gives off some effort and sweeps over Tong Nian’s body, […]

Honey Stewed Squid ~ Chapter 7

Hoju is also posting translations of this novel.  I already translated up to Chapter 12 so I will only post up to Chapter 12 and focus more on Bloom after. Chapter 7 In a distance about 10 meters away, next to the Chairperson’s room is the VIP room. Everyone in the K&K Club are picking up […]

Bloom ~ Chapter 6

Chapter 6: How Long? Li Yan returned to the general headquarters. The day is already very dark. In front of the window stands a man.  Half of his face hidden in the moonlight he was silent for a long time. Just when Li Yan though he will not ask him anything, he turns around and […]