Bloom ~ Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Jealousy Have a pleasant journey. Liang Fei Fan somewhat faintly guessed at last. In his heart, joy gradually start to come. Actually, the way she treats him is not completely without a heart. Once Gu Yan returned home, she expediently ping ping pang pang tidy up her luggage. From the hallway of the […]

Honey Stewed Squid ~ Chapter 12

This is the last post for this novel.  I’m feeling a bit lazy so I didn’t edit it.  It’s has been sitting in my box for a while now so I’m just going to post it anyways. Chapter 12 How can he……also be a fruit candy enthusiast? “Don’t like this flavor?” As much as possible to […]

Bloom ~ Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Turn Around Gu Yan is very excited. Her father hasn’t seen her for a very long time. She doesn’t know why, but suddenly he had sent someone to pick her up back home. “Father!” Gu Bo Yun looks up from thinking about the memories of the past. He sees his small daughter’s hand […]

Bloom ~ Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Not her Liang Fei Fan street raced all the way to “Fei”. The time was still early, the disheveled hair manager hurried over frighten and hesitated. Big boss usually does not permit girls drinking close to him even during social events, but all of a sudden, where do you go to find one […]

Honey Stewed Squid ~ Chapter 9

Chapter 9 Tong Nian was arranged to sit in the first row of bus. Still ignorant and slow, she did not know why she must go to the victory celebration. Sitting in the car was the captain, and other gaming teams or possibly two teams, and reserve players. While waiting for the bus to start, […]